Well, the name is Nathe. Internet is basically my second home. I love reading books, trilogy are my most faves. Music is my life, mostly Lady Gaga. ♥




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I mean, the evidence speaks for itself.

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I am rich as pi$$…

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Illustration of Lady Gaga as Bertha - by Mr. Gabriel Marques

Bertha is the character that Lady Gaga plays in the new movie of Sin City: A dame to kill for!

Cannot wait to watch it! :)

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this is never going to not be funny 

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Reblog if you are proud of your URL

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this is absolutely illegal and i will not stand for this amount of law breaking

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Frankie rapping is so cringe-worthy!

omg i hate frankie but i loved it when he said “yay! 5k”

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Can someone write a fic where Zankie went apart on Finale night and 3 years later, Zach found out that Frankie is in the hospital and that he doesn’t have much time. Zach visits him and couple days later, Frankie dies in Zachs arm. I want to cry! Make it emotional! Tell me if you finished. *sobs*

Happy Birthday Misha Collins!

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Can you explain what’s happening? :O

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@ladygaga: #IceBucketChallenge #ALS #SharePainShowCompassion I nominate Adele, Michael Rapino, Vincent Herbert, and Arthur Fogel 

Donate to The ALS Association here to show your support!

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Show your support and donate to The ALS Association at this link

LadyGagaA true Venus is beautiful at any size. #BodyRevolution Don’t allow Society to tell you what beauty is. Back when they first made painting and sculptors of the goddess she was represented as a round and fertile woman. It was in style to be thicker because food was a sign of money. Eat up, children. Life is too short.

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I’m a not sad that Frankie is backdooring Zach but I am not happy as well. Frankie was a full on target last week. He won BoB by himself and took himself off. While Frankie took the blame for everything that Derrick has done, Zach have never tried once to actually talk to Frankie. I’m team no one as this point. Just disappointed in these two.

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